6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Burn Scars

Get Rid of Burn ScarsAre you afraid of standing before the mirror for your scars given by burning? It is indeed a nightmare that whenever you stand before the mirror not only the scars you can see, but also the whole accident that happened to you appears lively. Many avoid their scars at the primary stage thinking about the medical cost and as a result scars becomes permanent on the skin. Actually, most of them are healed by the natural processing of our body. But for rapid removal you just have to ignite the body processing faster. There are so many natural treatments that can be attained sitting in the house. Some of them are illustrated below that you can have them when you need them.

1. Tomato juice, along with lemon juice

The recipe of these two makes a healing treatment for you. None of these can be used separately in the purpose. Both of these juices have some sort of acidic properties that makes your scars lighten and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Of course, it comes through a natural process. Tomato juice has the bleaching virtues that can eradicate the burn marks in a natural way. Only a few sets of steps you need to take disappear the nightmare type of residual from your body. First, you have to take two pieces of fresh washcloths. Then dip them in the tomato juice and the lemon juice separately. Rinse the place of burn scars thoroughly with cold water. Keep the place moisten, fresh and soaked for at least two hours: until you are to apply the juice on your scars. Then wait for the place to get dry enough and apply the tomato juice cloth on the place. Keep for a while and again make them dry. Do the above process for the lemon juice too. You have to do this whole process twice a day to remove your scars. You will notice that the scars will be far lighter after a week.

2. Fenugreek seeds

This is widely prescribed ingredients to reduce the dark scars. The seeds need to be dipped in the water in the previous night and have to make a pasteof the wet seeds. Then, just apply the paste on your marks. After a couple of hours, wash the paste off. The whole procedure needs to be followed regularly and that has to be proven very efficient in banishing the marks of your body and makes you relieved.  Turmeric proves to be a well known for removing the burn scars from the ancient times to all. With the help of cold water, it has the greatest ability to reduce the burn marks.

3. Lavender Oils

For its properties it is a very good antiseptic for human body. It has the immense power to get rid of the   burn scars. It not only reduces the scars, but also it can reduce the pain due to burn. The scars may be healed completely. Just dip a piece of cloth in lavender oil. Then apply the cloth directly on your scars. Do this before you go to bed.

4. Almond Oil

With almond oil if you massage the affected place it can remove the burn scars. It works progressively.

5. Indian Yunani-Cotton Ash Paste

The treatment is an age old cure for marks given by burning. Several burns maybe cured trough it in a very delicate style. You have to first burn a huge piece of cloth specially cotton or piece of cotton wool in a metal pan. With the ash created by the burning and olive oil, you need to make a paste with both of them. When you apply the paste onto your scar you can easily notice with surprise that the ache is being reduced in a great amount. The magnitude of the will also starts to reduce in a nice and handsome manner. If the pain comes back the process should be followed again. It should be kept on going all the way through the week to reduce the harshness of the burns.

6. Potato peels

It is another widespread method to get rid of the clenches of the burn spots. The peels have anti-bacterial virtues in great amount and known as a good source of moisture to your peels. You just have to keep the peels on your affected spot to reduce the marks.



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