7 Awesome Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health Benefits of AsparagusAsparagus gives us the signal that spring is coming. It is one of my most favorite vegetables during the spring. I always look for asparagus in the grocery whenever I go to shopping. Obviously this is for the health benefits it can offer us. This green vegetable is loaded with various nutrients and vitamins that are very beneficiary for our health. It is a rich source of vitamin A, C, E , K, fiber, folate, chromium, glucose etc. It is also an abundant source of glutathione which is a very effective antioxidant in nature. With all these vitamins and minerals, asparagus can provide you with a lot of health benefits. Here are some the health benefits of asparagus:

1) Good for bone health

If you consume asparagus with your lunch or dinner, it can supply the recommended 69.6% of your daily vitamin K dose. If you are wondering about what vitamin K is good for then here is your answer. The health of our bones and its structure and strength mostly depends on the availability of vitamin K. Vitamin K helps our bone to grow stronger and it can repair the damage of the bones. Regular consumption of asparagus can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It also helps us to promote the production of osteocalcin. It is a protein that helps to absorb calcium and upon which the calcium crystallizes.

2) Cancer prevention

The high amount of folate in asparagus enables it to prevent cancer. On the other hand asparagus is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are better known for their cancer prevention properties. They can effectively neutralize the harmful free radicals. Free radicals are metabolic wastes that lie in our body and they can trigger the production of cancer cell. They prevent the cell from getting proper nutrition and leads them to death. They are even responsible for the multiplication of cancer cells. Asparagus can clear the free radicals from our body and can save us from the danger of cancer.

3) It can help you to lose some of your weight

Asparagus can provide you with 10.9% of your daily fiber requirement. This helps to improve your metabolism and digestion. With improved functioning of these two systems, asparagus can help you to lose some of your weight. On the other hand, the fiber will give a fuller feeling to your stomach which will control your craving for food and calorie intake. The potassium that is abundant in asparagus is well known for its fat reducing capability. It is also free from any sort of cholesterol that can cause obesity.

4) Improves visionary health

Asparagus is very helpful for our visionary health as it can provide us with a very rich amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a crucial ingredient for our eye. It increases our eyes’ ability to see clearly and absorb light more efficiently. Regular consumption of asparagus can prevent eye diseases like macular degeneration.

5) Aphrodisiac

Asparagus is rich in certain compounds that can improve your sexual life. The foalte and vitamin B6 of asparagus can improve your arousal and orgasm. It contains a large amount of vitamin E that increases the sex hormones, both in men and women’s body.

6) Good for your hair

Packed with nutrients like calcium, antioxidants, vitamin A and C- asparagus is very helpful and healthy for your hair. It can stimulate the hair follicles and produce sebum. Sebum works as a natural conditioner and can promote shiny and strong hair.

7) Improves digestion:

Asparagus can improve your digestion by providing you a rich amount of fiber. Fiber upgrades the function of the bowel and it can get you relief from constipation problems.

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