Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

home remedies for itchy scalpMy scalp itches like a crazy. How many times you said that? Isn’t it terrific? I know, but there are always options. Try following natural home remedies for itchy scalp ; you will be ok.

Cause & Symptoms

The main causes of itchy scalp are heavy dandruffs, parasites, seborrheic dermatitis, yeast and dry skin. This condition can be defined by average to serious under medical observation. Symptoms are skin infection, itch, swelling, redness, mole, flaky scalp, thin, and damaged hair. From very first stage it begins with little hair fall and then turns into serious condition if you don’t treat it.

9 Best Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

1. Essential oil mixture

Various mixture of essential oil is one of the very effective remedies for itchy scalp. You can use mixture of some natural oil like-avocado, lavender, tea tree oil, olive, almond and coconut oil. Amount of use depends upon your hair. For better result use regular basis and continue with same amount.

2. Honey banana and onion juice mask

There is no end of goodness of honey. Honey considered as great natural anti biotic agent. Take an over ripe banana and mash it. Chop one onion and take the juice from it. Now mix 2 tbs of honey and onion juice with one banana pest. Apply this mixture on scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and shampoo. This paste will help to reduce flakes, dandruffs and inflammation.

3. Use hot oil

Hot oil massage is always great remedies for hair and scalp. It helps scalp to get extra natural moister and smothering hair. Massaging hot oil will increase blood flow in scalp skin and lessen dryness. Take some amount of olive oil and warn it. Add few drops of local honey. Now massage with figure for few minutes. Also comb hair before shampoo that let the blood circulate on scalp.

4. Lemon

Lemon is another helpful ingredient to heal itchy scalp. Just pour some fresh lemon juice and use it before shampoo. Remember to shampoo after 5-6 minute; otherwise acid can damage your scalp and hair.

5. Apple cider vinegar

ACV contains some powerful anti – inflammation properties that help to kill the yeast and virus. Mixture of apple cider vinegar and water is one of easiest home remedies for itchy scalp. First rinse scalp with clear water and apply mixture directly to scalp with cotton balls or pads. After few minutes, shampoo with clear water.

6. Diluted baking soda

Diluted baking soda with water is also very helpful natural remedies for itchy scalp. Make a mixture in same proportion and let it stay for few minutes.

7. Aloe Vera

You can use it directly from plant or buy organic one from super shop. Simply use aloe Vera gel on scalp skin with hand and then shampoo out.

8. Coconut oil

Yes this simple oil around you can be really helpful for you in this moment. At first heat some oil (not too much) and use it. Regularly using really works good for scalp and hair as well. Best to use before shampoo.

9. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil one of the best natural ingredient that contains strong anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial properties. It is very effective to heal itchy scalp condition. Recommended dose for tea tree oil is 10 to 20 drops on shampoo for al least 4 days a week. It will help to ease itchiness, flakiness and swelling of scalp skin.

Recommended Diet for Itches Sclap

Because of your scalp condition you are losing your hair, so it’s important to give some extra nutrient to your skin and hair. Fatty acids, Vitamin A, B, C and zinc containing foods are especially recommended for dry and itchy scalp.  Some food, vegetables, nuts riches with vitamin C and other important ingredient containing minerals is very essential to recover. Taking good amount of water also helps to keep skin follicle moisture.

Facts and myths about itchy scalp

F:Do you know itchy scalp can be reason of permanent hair loss.

F:Itchy scalp can cause your joint pain.

M:Washing hair less is better is for itchy scalp.

M:Itchy scalp is just dandruff; no it’s more than that.

M:Itching feels good; and it don’t do any harm of scalp.

  • chubbybunny8

    My hairs been fallin out alot everytime i shower. I wash my hair EVERYDAY, because if i dont it gets really really itchy. Im starting to get bigger pieces of dandruff, ive gotten them before and they go away with selsun blue. But i havent gone to any store. My scalp is itchy and i dont know what to do :( help me please??

    • maxi

      try ketoconazole shampoo. the most common brand name for this one is nizoral shampoo. apply it on wet hair/scalp, leave it on for 5 minutes, then wash it off. do this every alternate day for a month. after a month, do it once in 3 days, after that, use it once a week. in between, you can use a mild herbal shampoo. find neem oil. dilute a few drops of neem oil with coconut oil. apply the oil twice a week. leave it on your head overnight, wash it with nizoral/herbal shampoo in the morning. hope this will help you.

    • GingerHead

      Try not to wash your hair everyday. That isn’t good for your hair or scalp. It dries it out and you’re washing out the natural oils your scalp produces to help keep your hair soft and shiny. Try washing every other day and eventually start skipping another day(So every 3 days). I would try some of these remedies posted. The baking soda and water will help a lot because it will get rid of the gunk from left over shampoo and product. I’d do that once or twice a week to start out with so you don’t dry out your hair, and then to condition get an empty spray bottle(If recycled make sure you wash it out well) and put a little coconut oil and tea tree oil in and fill the rest with water, shake and then lightly spray it a few times around your hair so it gives your hair moisture and makes it soft and shiny. You will have to spend money of course on the things you don’t have laying around your house, but in the end it would be better for your hair and scalps overall health and also probably a bit cheaper 😉 I hope this helps! I use to have horrible dandruff patches growing up. Took me awhile for it to fully go away. Good luck to you!

      • GingerHead

        Oh and also be sure not to brush your hair while it is wet. Your hair is at its weakest point while wet and brushing it would only cause more hair loss, wait till it is just lightly damp, use a wide tooth comb, if you don’t have that just be sure to brush lightly and start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up so you don’t pull any tangles down because that’d cause more tangles and will pull your hair. Also you can take some biotin vitamins or hair skin and nail vitamins to also help strengthen your hair. Anyways I think that is all. Hope your hair and scalp get better! : )

  • Cecillia Vanny

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  • meitaljames

    Great post! I have a few more ideas for homemade remedies for dry scalp here: http://www.natural-alternative-therapies.com/homemade-dry-itchy-scalp-remedies/

  • Teresa

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