9 Home Remedies for Earache

home remedies for earacheThe very common reasons for earache are cold, bacterial infection, wax, and allergies. Sometimes, water gets into the ear when bathing or swimming that also can be the cause of earaches. As a result, fluids can be produced in the ear. However, home remedies for earaches can soothe the infection and severity for the most part.

Effective Home Remedies for Earache

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the secured and effective home remedies for earache. Olive oil works as a healer lubricant in the ear. Put 2-3 drops of olive oil in the ear using a clean dropper. Olive oil reduces sensation and helps you to get rid of earache quickly.


Onion holds anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that kill all the responsible bacteria for earache. Take a fresh onion and squeeze it. Get the extract in a cup. Apply 2-3 drops in the deep ear with a dropper.


Peppermint juice and peppermint oil both are very handy for treating earache. Use raw peppermint extract for the best result. Or you can take its leaves that also work amazing to soothe an earache. Remember don’t use peppermint liquid deep in the ear but around.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is an excellent home remedy for earache. Take a little oil in a pot and microwave it for a minute with the moderate heat. Then put 3 drops of warm mustard oil in the infected ear. You should use this remedy 3X in a day to get the desired result.


Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Garlic can cure bacterial infections. If you want to apply this remedy, take fresh slices of garlic and extract them. Then apply a few drops of garlic extract in the ear. You can also mix any olive or mustard oil to make this remedy more effective.


Ginger is an excellent pain killer along with its anti-inflammatory property. It can cure any kind of bacterial infection in the deep ear. To try this remedy you need some fresh slices of ginger. Afterwards, grind the ginger slices. You can use ginger extract alone or can mix it with oils for maximum benefits.

Warm compress

Warm compress is used as the fast aid and effective home remedy for earache. A warm compress is easy to prepare at home. Take a soft towel and heat it. Then apply the warm tower over your infected ear. You can get warm compress in another way. Just take a small bottle and pour it with the warm water. Rub the bottle around the earache slowly. Warm compress gives instant comfort and reduce swelling.

Cooking oil

If you don’t have olive, mustard or peppermint oils in the kitchen you can use general cooking oil to get rid of an earache. Method for this remedy is as usual. Remember to warm it before apply.

 White vinegar with warm water

There are plenty of natural home remedies for earache among them white vinegar with warm water is one that can kill bacteria and other ear infection. Take few drops white vinegar in a cup and add more few drops warm water in it. Now, apply 3 drops of the solution using a dropper.