Easy Home Remedies for Cracked Heels That Work

Home Remedies for Cracked HeelsDo you know the reasons of cracked heels? It may sound weird when you would know that wearing improper shoes, unhealthy diet, poor care of your feet, lack of moisture, and dry winds are the main reasons for cracked heels. Whatever the reasons are, you can deal with this problem using some simple tips. Following are the most effective home remedies for cranked heels that you can prepare and use at home.

7 Home Remedies for Cracked Heels


Honey is both an antibacterial and a natural moisturizer. It works excellent to cure dryness of the heels. Take a bucket and fill it with 1/3 of warm water and add one full cup of honey. Then soak your cracked heels into the water and start rubbing after your heels get softer. Apply this process daily to get the best results.


You may ask- what the lemon has got that to be used for cracked heels. The lemon gas got an acidic property that can be a great use in curing cracked heels. What all you need is a half bucket of warm water with added lemon juice. After you make the solution, soak your feet for a decent while. Rub your feet using a pumice stone gently. Then wash off your feet using soap and pat dry.

Olive oil

The use of olive oil can give you a smoother and softer heel. Take some extra virgin olive oil in a cup and directly apply on the cracked heels using a cotton ball. You have to make sure that the olive oil reaches all the way to the cracked surface of the heels. Now, leave your feet unwashed for an hour.


Ripe banana can be one of the effective home remedies for cracked heels. Make a banana paste and apply it on the cracked heels. Then, allow the banana paste to sit for 20 minutes so that it can grab the cracked surface of the heels. Now, remove the application and wash your feet using lukewarm water. Afterwards, use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil on the cracked heel.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is a good remedy for cracked heels.  It reduces the dryness of the heels and makes your cracked heels softer. Before applying vegetable oil you have to scrub your heels. Make a solution of shampoo and warm water in a bucket. Soak your feet for fifteen minutes and scrub using a pumice stone. Then pat your feet dry and apply vegetable oils. You can use olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil. It would be better if you can do this process at night. Remember wearing a pair of clean socks before you go to the bed.

Petroleum jelly and lemon juice

Make a combination of petroleum jelly and lemon juice. And apply this paste-like combination on the cracked heels. But you have to scrub your cracked heels first before applying this remedy. Apply this paste several times in a day.

Glycerin with rosewater

Glycerin with rosewater can be an effective healer of cracked heels. Regular use of this combination at night can take care of your heels for the most part. Just make a solution of equal part of rose water and glycerin in a small bottle. Simply use this liquid every night. You can also use it during the day whenever you move out.