How to Cure Diabetes Fast

how to cure diabetesThere are millions of people asking how to cure diabetes but the concerning point is how much it curable. Commonly, high level of glucose in blood, increased urination, thrust, hunger and fatigue are the major symptoms of diabetes. Here are some effective home remedies that work excellent to cure diabetes. By applying these remedies you will be able to take control over the symptoms of diabetes.

How to Cure Diabetes Using At Home


Avocado is a very effective natural home remedy for diabetes. The people who have used avocado got outstanding results. To cure diabetes, take an avocado seed that needs to be grilled. Then put it in a pot of water and bring to boil until you see the water turns brown. Just drink the brown water when cool for twice a day. Don’t forget to let me know the result via comment.

Bitter melon

Bitter melon can be a great home remedy for curing diabetes. A study has shown that, bitter melon contains natural insulin that helps in lowering the blood sugar and urine levels. Bitter melon should be taken as juice in the empty stomach. Bitter melon tea also works fantastic to control diabetes. You can eat bitter melon as a vegetable with your daily meals.


There is an interesting apple recipe that can be an effective home remedy to cure diabetes naturally. You need to take a squeezed apple. Then add 4 cups of water with the apple and boil it until the water reduces. Then consume the liquid. You should see the result in 2 weeks.

Olive oil

Several studies have found that olive is very effective for cardiovascular, atherosclerosis and diabetes. Cooked food using olive oil can reduce LDL and triglycerides in blood. To make olive oil remedy you need to take ¼ cup olive oil. Then mix some lecithin with it and drink before getting sleep at night. Olive also reduces the blood cholesterol level.

Grape seed Extract

A couple of studies in Japan and Romania have found that, grape seed extract helps to protect the liver cells. It also works to set up the defense mechanisms in the body. The mechanism fight against reactive oxygen in the human body that produced by hyperglycemic conditions.


Ginseng is the ancient Chinese remedy for treating diabetes.  There are several studies have proven that ginseng contributes to lowering blood sugar level and it improves insulin sensitivity. Ginseng should be taken as an extract before two hours of the major meals. You can also take ginseng with tea. Ginseng, however, helps you to take a control over diabetes.

Cassia cinnamon

In 2003 a study on cinnamon claimed that cinnamon works excellent for lowering blood sugar level. Cinnamon can work for both two type diabetes effectively. You can take cassia cinnamon by cooking or baking it.


Flax seed is another home remedy that works remarkably for controlling diabetes. The flaxseeds or seed oil can be taken to cure both type of diabetes.

How to Cure Diabetes Using Counter Medications

If you find alternate medications to cure diabetes you may be wondering to know that there is no specific OTC for diabetes. You can only get the prescribed medications for controlling diabetes. If you are anxious about your condition you should go to the doctor. But I would suggest you to stick with the natural home remedies that I mentioned above.

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