How to Get Rid Of a Double Chin

How to get rid of a double chinWhen your skin develops fatty skin tissues and a thick layer of skin it cause a double chin on the face, neck, and even in the legs. Double chin happens because of overweight, poor body posture, overeating, high intake of calories and heredity for the most part. If you want to learn how to get rid of a double chin, jump to the next sections.

You’ll learn some little known home remedies and effective tips to get rid of a double chin at home without going to the doctor.

How to Get Rid Of a Double Chin Using Home Remedies


Watermelon is a great remedy for chin. It improves hanging face and chin in the face, neck and legs. Take some melon juice and freeze it for a few minutes. Then soak a small cotton cloth in the juice and apply it on the chin or hanging part. Melon remedy firms and smoothes your skin.


Make a facial mask using 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons honey and 2 teaspoons egg yolk. Mix them and apply the mask on the face especially on the hanging part. Leave the mask for a couple of hours then wash using cold water.

Fig tree

Fig tree pulp with lemon juice can reaffirm your skin. To make this remedy you need to collect black fig pulp and lemon juice. Fig pulp and lemon juice will make a great facial mask. Apply the mask on the chin and allow it for 30 minutes. Then wash it using cold water. Apply the remedy everyday for several weeks to get rid of a chin.

Galium Verum

Galium Verum, known as lady’s bedstraw, is a very effective remedy for removing the hanging skin from the face and neck. Make a preparation of 25 grams dried plant of lady’s bedstraw in one liter water. Allow the plant to soak well for 2/3 hours. Now, take a cotton cloth and soak it in the water and apply the wet compress in the chin and neck. Place the wet cotton for 10 minutes in the chin and wash off afterwards.

5 Tips On How to Get Rid Of a Double Chin

Loss overweight

Dropping some weight should be the first and foremost attempts to get rid of a double chin. In many cases, chin and flaccidity occur from overweight. So, cut your extra pounds immediately to get rid of a double chin.

Facial exercises

Some particular facial exercises work. Move your jaw line, neck and head regular by doing some exercise. Go through internet to learn facial exercises.

Chew unsweetened gum

Chewing sugar free gum can be a great exercise for your saggy face. It keeps your jaw line moving. Choose an unsweetened chewing gum and chew for at least one hour at a time. Try it for a several times throughout the day. It should work.

Mind your posture

If you attempt to adapt some special postures, you’re really going to cut down your double chin for sure. You can tighten up your flaccid skin doing some simple body movements. For example, push up the chin keeps your body and shoulder upper. Hold the posture for 15 seconds.

Keep eyes on calorie intake

Over eating and junk foods are responsible for overweight for the most part. Meanwhile, overweight is liable for double chin. Don’t allow you taking more calories while dreaming to lose weight or cutting chin. You should keep your eyes on taking regular calories to get rid of a double chin.