How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose: 12 Effective Ways

Catching a cold is one of the most inconvenient and irritating things in the world, and a lot of people usually succumb to it because they do not have the right tools to cure it before it gets worse. This especially holds true for symptoms of the common cold as well, such as headache, sore throat, body aches and stuffy nose. All these symptoms are signs of the common cold, and when people get one or more symptoms then they know they have it. Nevertheless, here are very simple ways of how a person can get rid of a stuffy nose.

how to get rid of stuffy nose

1. Antihistamines

People have relied on medications of antihistamines in order to get relief from their stuffy nose, which does work some of the time, and people look to medications of an antihistamine nature because of their effectiveness. However, the only side effect from taking antihistamines is that it’s known to cause a great deal of drowsiness. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because getting drowsy and falling asleep will alleviate a stuffy nose almost instantly. In fact, it can be said that taking an antihistamine and falling asleep can cure stuffy nose just as well.

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2. Eucalyptus Oil

As most people know, all decongestants were not created equal and some of them are effective and others are not. Eucalyptus Oil has curative properties that can clear up a stuffy nose in an instant, it’s one of the most productive and active cures in the world and let’s face it, this oil is easy to come by. To reap the full benefit of this oil’s active properties, take some drops of this oil, pour at least 5 onto some tissue. Next, as the person is putting the tissue to their nose, take a HUGE whiff of it and keep the inhale for 2 minutes. This will break up the mucus and allow a person to breathe in through their nose.

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3. Ginger

People blow their nose like crazy in hopes of stopping their nose run, but what people don’t realize is that they’re hurting their nostrils, which don’t feel good when they’re coming down from their cold. Now, another way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to make tea out of ginger root. When a person does this, they can instantly feel their stuffy nose clearing up because since it’s an anti-inflammatory agent than its double whammy effect will also make the feeling of any kind of swelling pain of blowing disappear so there is no nostril pain.

4 Goldenseal

This herb is widely known for its curative powers of such illnesses as the common cold, and other illnesses such as hay fever. This herb comes through for people who have had trouble with other stuffy nose cures, and are feeling like they have run out of options. Goldenseal is the ideal cure to get rid of a stuffy nose, and breathe easier not to mention rest easier as well. Generally, it is recommended that herbs are broken down and mixed in with food to be effective. However, with Goldenseal, a person can munch on the herb in order to take advantage of its curative abilities.

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5. Breath Holding Exercise

Interesting enough, there are unorthodox ways to rid of a stuffy nose and another way is for a person to hold their breath. The technique is simply done by the person closing and pinching their mouth, this is so no air escapes or air gets into your mouth which will undo the technique. Next, take 25 steps while moving your head in an up and down motion while still continuing to hold your breath. Finally, sit down in a chair, then start taking tiny breaths from the nose; don’t let air escape through the mouth or the person will have to do it all over again.

6. Hot Bath

This is one of the more favorable cures for a stuffy nose because people know that it can really work wonders, and grant them relief from that which ails them. First, get into the bath tub, turn on either the shower or shower faucet. Next, turn it to the hot and leave it there; step under the water. This is an effective way of getting rid of a stuffy nose, because as most people know, cold germs are allergic to heat which kills them, and the person will be able to breathe easier because of the body absorbing the steam.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

This nifty little cure for dozens of illnesses as well as minor irritations of the body knows no bounds, and its curative effect come through in a pinch. Problems with a stuffy nose, not if that person ingests Apple Cider Vinegar which is rich with potassium which also breaks up mucus completely so the person can cough up the phlegm, and expel it from their body. Another great aspect of using Apple Cider Vinegar is that it makes it so a person can kill any bacteria growth in the body because Apple Cider Vinegar wipes it out clean. Take some apple cider and pour a teaspoon full into a glass of water, then take it, the stuffy nose relief will come shortly after.

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8. Rosehips

There are many kinds of plants that have certain curative properties that can alleviate a sore throat to a headache, and they are various in nature. However, Rosehips in particular is a plant that works wonders on a stuffy nose because not only does it have medicinal aspects but it has great decongestant abilities that makes curing a stuffy nose a simple task. All a person would have to do is boil the plant in water and make a tea out of it, then take it, that stuffy nose should clear up over the span of the day.

9. Eating Spicy Food

Most people would not believe that eating spicy food can cure a stuffy nose, but as previously stated, cold symptoms as well as germs are allergic to heat whether it’s coming from the body or from something a person is consuming. Spend the day eating nothing but extremely hot and spicy food; doing this will open up the nasal passages allowing a person to breathe easily. Also, this is effective in breaking up the mucus within when money for decongestants isn’t readily available.

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10. Mustard Oil

Oils with a very strong smell can turn a stuffy nose into an empty vacuum of space, and relieve them. Furthermore, ingesting it will do a significant amount of damage to the mucus and clear it up, but if a person were to put the mustard oil into their nostrils then they’ll get instant relief. Mustard has a very strong smell and taste that’s capable of breaking up nostril congestion, this is handy for when a person has to go to work and want some relief so they’re not blowing their nose throughout the day.

11. Sage

Oddly, a person only hears this word when they need the ingredient for a cooking recipe and after that, no more. Well, Sage is one of the most cost effective cures for a stuffy nose and the relief takes only minutes to get. There are 3 ways that the person can get Sage into their bodies so they can clear up their stuffy nose, consume the leaves outright, make Sage tea or mix Sage in with the food that will be consumed at that time.

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12. Onion

This has to be one of the craziest cures for stuffy nose in the world, but if a person plays their cards right then they can get rid of their stuffy nose. Here’s how a person can get relief from their stuffy nose using onions. Get a knife, get a fully uncut onion, and start cutting it. As the person is cutting it, they’ll start to smell the onion scent, put it to your nose and take 2 big wigs. This is guaranteed to clear up any stuffy nose or symptoms of a stuffy nose.

  • Mohammad Likhon

    Home remedies works for Stuffy nose.Thanks for your tips

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