How to Get Rid Of Acid Reflux Fast

how to get rid of acid reflux

Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (“GERD”) describes what 50% of U.S. citizen’s experience. The majority of people associate foods that we eat, in giving us GERD, while this can occur, the majority of acid reflux symptoms is caused by other things. GERD or acid reflux occurs when food, our acid contents, bilious material or pancreatic juices travel back up into the esophagus. These acidic contents splash back up into the esophagus, causing irritation, inflammation, even severe scarring when chronic.

Symptoms include heartburn, coughing, wheezing, irritation, food becoming stuck, hoarseness, nausea, and can create esophageal cancer. Continual acid reflux conditions can cause a restriction of the esophagus, which can lead to cancer, ulceration and bleeding. Many people also believe that all acid reflux symptoms and indigestion is caused by acidic conditions, but GERD can be caused by too little acid produced to sufficiently digest the foods we eat. For occasional acid reflux symptoms, the following home remedies have proven to work to get rid of acid reflux, just like grandma used.

14 Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

1. Chamomile Tea

Herbal teas may be used to help get rid of acid reflux and its symptoms. Chamomile tea is successfully used for acid reflux and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Its herbal leaves are often used for remedial relief for gastrointestinal symptoms. Chamomile contains small amounts of coumarin that helps to relieve anxiety, reduces pain, soothes the lining of the esophagus, and helps with antispasmodic effects. It has been shown to reduce the pepsin in the esophageal tract, by protecting the stomach lining from excess acid. Chamomile is available in loose leaf form for brewing tea.

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an age old home remedy to quell acid reflux. It is believed that apple cider vinegar helps to balance the acidic build up in the stomach. Also, it helps to buffer the acidity level in the stomach, because apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, but it is a weaker acid than the acid produced by the stomach. The common mixture is one to two teaspoons for each eight ounce glass of water. By drinking this before meals or when acid reflux symptoms appear, it helps to ease acidic symptoms. If you need help to swallow this successful mixture, a little bit of honey can be added to the water. It is also beneficial when mixed with honey in a cup of tea.

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3. Licorice

Licorice has natural stomach healing properties for getting rid of acid reflux, but the licorice should be a DGL licorice because it doesn’t contain glycyrrhizic acid which is bad for GERD. DGL licorice contains properties that soothe the tissues lining the stomach and the esophagus, as well as serving as an anti-inflammatory product. Chew DGL licorice tablets before meals. This product is sold in natural food stores and there is certain licorice that doesn’t taste like licorice.

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4. Baking Soda

Drinking a tablespoon of baking soda in a ½ cup of water is not very tasteful, but baking soda is effective to relieve any acid reflux. Old home remedies call for baking soda to ward off heartburn. The same has been proven true today. Baking soda is a product that neutralizes stomach acids. By taking between ½ and 1 tsp of baking soda, occasionally, with a glass or cup of water, it will alleviate many GERD symptoms. However, you can’t continue to drink a baking soda mixture if your acid reflux is a daily event because it is high in salt.

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5. Chewing Gum

Chewing a stick of sugar-free gum, for 30 minutes, after eating will help to increase your saliva production; which reduces acid levels in the esophagus. Human saliva is already alkaline in nature and by chewing gum; it helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach. With the salivary rate produced by chewing gum, it can relieve heartburn, by keeping the esophagus hydrated and by naturally pushing acid back down to the stomach and giving GERD relief to sufferers.

6. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe is a healthful plant that is used to soothe epidermis burns and it can also do the same for dermis stomach burning sensations from acid reflux. Aloe Vera juice reduces all inflammations that occur in the esophagus, as well as the stomach. By drinking ½ cup before meals, helps to remove acidic symptoms that can occur with acid reflux.

7. Lemon Juice

Taking preventive measures will help to alleviate any GERD that can occur, especially prior to meals. By drinking a cup of warm water and lemon juice, on an empty stomach, 15 to 20 minutes before eating anything, the body can naturally balance its own acidic levels. Lemon juice and warm water are also great for the digestive system and is safe to drink daily.

8. Slippery Elm

Early American Natives used slippery elm exclusively for epidermis and dermis ailments. Slippery elm, is a tree extract that contains a substance that turns into a gel when mixed with water. Its properties coats and soothes the throat, stomach, mouth and intestines. It is also an antioxidant that relieves acid reflux symptoms. When taken, it thickens the mucous lining of the stomach, as well as relieving the nerve endings in the gastrointestinal tract which causes added mucus secretion and acidity. Slippery elm, is available in capsule or powdered form, as well as lozenges. The ideal method for taking slippery elm, is by drinking about two tablespoons of it in water after meals and at bedtime or as a tea.

9. Ginger

Fresh ginger root has been used to relieve heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms. Ginger root is available as a liquid, tablets, or dried powder that can made into tea. Ginger has always been used to relieve nausea and other symptoms that are consistent with GERD. The best method to use ginger is to use in its natural root form. Peel the skin off, grate small amounts into water for boiling. Granted, ginger is an acquired taste, but you can add a little honey to take some of the bitterness out. Don’t use lemon or sugar because these foods can exacerbate the acid reflux.

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10. Turmeric

Turmeric is a relative of ginger and its properties act like its cousin to soothe acid reflux symptoms. Its main ingredients are curcumin, which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and more, which helps to stimulate digestion and prevents acidic build up in the stomach and esophagus. Turmeric in a powdery form is quite pungent and tastes quite bitter. Despite its taste, it has been proven to relieve GERD symptoms quickly and efficiently. The Turmeric herb is available in capsule form.

11. Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium which is an alkalizing mineral with a high level pH value. The higher the pH, the lower the acidity. Eating bananas is great as an antidote for the acidity that GERD produces. They have a natural component that makes the stomach lining produce more mucous, thus protecting the inner lining of the stomach and esophagus. It is high in fiber, which speeds digestion and reducing the environment that creates acid reflux. If an acid reflux attack does occur, an overripe banana will quell the uncomfortable symptoms, because of its higher potassium properties.

12. Cold Milk

Cold milk is high in calcium that is instrumental in preventing acid build up and getting rid of acid reflux. Milk also absorbs the excess acid that irritates the stomach and esophagus, while producing a calming effect. The cold aspect simply provides instant relief from the burning sensation that feels like heartburn. Fat free skim milk, 1% or 2% milk products are a better option. Drink 1 to 2 glasses daily to see how it affects your acid reflux symptoms.

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13. Cloves

Cloves contain properties that help to improve peristalsis and increases saliva production. It is pungent to the taste, which is why your taste buds will quickly create excess saliva that aids digestion. Just take a bite of a small piece of clove so that the juice is released in your mouth. This juice will quickly lower acid reflux for immediate relief.

14. Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious apples and organic apples are a great natural food that stops the acid reflux symptoms when an attack occurs. The apples do not prevent acid reflux, instead they aide in the heartburn sensations. Eating one a day, will ease symptoms and create an alkaline environment in the stomach, to neutralize excess acids and keep the digestive system operating smoothly. Eat half an apple after each meal to prevent acid reflux attacks and eat an apple as an afternoon snack to keep the stomach and esophagus lubricate and acidic free.

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