How to Get Rid Of Bags under Eyes Fast

how to get rid of bags under eyesBags under eyes are other embarrassing skin problems like acne, dark spots or dark circles. It presents symptoms such as fever, skin rashes, allergies or difficulty in breathing, swelling and puffiness under the eyelids. So How to get rid of  bags under eyes. Here are some popular and tired natural remedies including over the counter medics and some important DIY.

How to Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Naturally

Remedies and treatments for almost all diseases lie in nature. You can get rid of dark circles using natural remedies at home. Try the following.

Get a cold compress

Cold compress is the popular home remedy for bags under eyes. It’s popular because it simply works. You can take two way compresses. Number one; put a spoon in the freezer for 30 minutes. Once it’s cold, rub it around the eyes for several minutes. Number two; wrap few ice cubes with a soft cotton cloth. Compress it slowly under the eyes.

Use Cucumber Slice

Cucumber is the best natural remedy to get rid of bags under eyes fast. Cucumber reduces puffiness around the eyes and helps to refresh your eye side skin. First, soak a fresh cucumber in cold water for 10 minutes. Then slice it. Now, lay in the bed and put the cucumber on your eyes. Leave the slices 10 minutes to get the best results. Make sure cucumber touches your eye side bags.

Apply Cold Tea Compression

Tea bag is another sure fire remedy to get rid of under eye bags. A kind of streak of tea helps to lessen swelling and blackness. Take a rosemary tea bag and soak it in cold water. Let the tea bag get wet for a minute. Cover your eyes with the tea bag. Allow it to stay in position for 10 -15 minutes.

Pineapple and Turmeric Powder Paste

Take 2 tablespoon pineapple juice and little turmeric powder to make a paste. Then apply the clay around your eyes and ensure that the bags are covered well. Leave the paste 20 minutes to dry. Be careful while rinses off your face. The paste helps your bags go away naturally.

Potato slice

You may hear about it a lot; yes it can work. Take two freshly cutting potato slices. Place them under your eyes. Leave them for 10 minutes.

Lemon slice

Lemon is the renowned skin care remedy with many other health benefits. Put two slices of lemon under your eyes and allow them for 10 minutes. It works.

How to Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Using OTC

There are some popular over the counter medications to treat bags under eye. Consult with your doctor before applying these medications.

Apply Vitamin K Cream

Bags under eyes often happen from a deficiency of Vitamin K.  You can use a Vitamin K contained cream to get rid of bags quickly.

Apply Moisturizer and Sun Protecting

You can use natural moisturizer and anti-sun cream. They may protect you from sunburn and make your skin glowing.

How to Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes : DIY

Do a favor yourself by changing your daily habits. Do the following pieces of self practice to get rid of bags under eyes fast.

Drink plenty of water

No doubt about the power of water. Drink plenty of water daily; remember more than 10 glasses per day.

Ensure an uninterrupted sleep

Lack of sleep responsible for so many skin diseases such pimple, dark spots, bags under eyes and so forth. Make sure that you do sleep at least 6-8 hours for healthy skin.

Change Your Diet

Enrich your meal with fresh vegetables and fruits. Take plenty of Vitamin A, C and E. Regularly take whole grains, nuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, apples and grapes.