How to Get Rid Of Facial Hair

How to Get Rid Of Facial HairThere are thousands of women asking a question how to get rid of facial hair daily in the health forums, because facial hair is not only an unpleasant matter but also embarrassing sometimes. There are various methods of removing unwanted facial hair including over-the-counter chemical treatments. But the best option is to go through the home remedies combining natural ingredients.

How to Get Rid Of Facial Hair Using Home Remedies

Turmeric and milky paste

Turmeric is the supreme beauty care ingredients in the nature. There are a numerous health benefits of turmeric. Here, turmeric is for facial hair treatment. Take one tbsp turmeric powder in a cup and mix ¼ cup milk in it. Make it paste and apply gently on the face including the neck. Leave the state for 10-15 minutes before rinse off. Apply twice a week to get the best result.

Sweet & Sour remedy

‘Sweet & Sour’-honey couples with lemon gives an excellent home remedy to get rid of facial hair. You know there are plenty of health benefits of honey and lemon. Take 3 tbsp of honey and 1 ½ tbsp lemon juice in a cup. Combine them up and apply on the face. For the best result, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off with mild cool water. It won’t hurt you if you use it daily to get rid of facial hair naturally.

The best ever face pack

It’s an incredible home remedy because this is already tested and proven. I have recommended this remedy to some of my guys. So, I am fascinated about it. Here, you need ½ tbsp cornflour, 1 ½ tbsp yogurt and full tbsp of turmeric. Gather them in a cup and mix with care. Why do you late to apply the magical mix in our face? Leave it for at least ½ an hour before wash off. Don’t forget to try it once in a week.

Egg and corn flour

Take 1 tbsp egg white in a cup. Add one tbsp corn flour; you can add a little honey with it. Mix them and apply on the face not neglecting the neck. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse off.

Apple cider vinegar

It’s another simple remedy I would love to recommend returning the answer of how to get rid of facial hair. Take a little apple cider vinegar in a cup. Apply directly in the face. You should also love it because it works.

Why not another sweet & sour

Yes! Here I mean sugar and lemon. Take 1 tbsp sugar with 1 tbsp lemon juice. Mix them after adding a little water in it. Apply the mixture over your face including neck and forehead. It helps to remove unwanted hair in your face.

How to Get Rid Of Facial Hair Permanently Using Treatment

If you find your facial hair so persistent and seem not to remove any way, you can use permanent treatments for it. Here are some popular treatments for facial hair.

Threading– Is probably the most common method to remove facial hair. It has some disadvantage. Almost all beauty salon offers this treatment.

Waxing– Many beauty salon does waxing. Cold waxing would be best for you. Ask your nearby beauty parlor to get waxing treatment.

Laser– This is the latest facial hair removing method and it’s costly indeed.

I can name one more method to get rid of facial hair are Epilation and Electrolysis. Remember, you should think before going for the chemical or laser treatment.