How to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

how to get rid of garlic breathHave you ever faced any awkward situation that people are looking at your face or mouth; even said you smell like garlic!  Well it happens. One of my friends went through this process in her last date and shared some horrible experiences. Then he did some serious research and shared with me . I am here to publish his suggestions. I think she did a great job by finding out some easy ways about how to get rid of garlic breath.

How to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Using Home Remedies


Parsley is known as an organic breath freshener. Take some fresh parsley and chew. In your daily cook you can definitely use this with most of the salad and recipes that will also help to reduce garlic breath or other bad smell a lot.


Of course all of us know how to deal with the situation. I know just for a reminder. Keep it safe for yourself and make proper use before any important meeting, intimate conversation or date to avoid awkward situations.


I love this citrus fruit because of its multiple quality of serving our health and skin issues. At this point, it fights to remove garlic breath with its antibacterial element. First take a lemon and pour it. Then make juice with hot water and salt.

Drink tea or other hot drink

Various drinks help to get rid of garlic breath and warm green tea one of them. It will eliminate bad breath from inside of your body and protect to produce gas and bolting that makes stinks of garlic breath.

Take one shoot vodka

One of the most popular and effective quick relief for garlic breath is taking vodka or any other alcohol. Alcohol allows killing the bad smell by fighting with oral bacteria. Moreover, smells of alcohols replace any other smell instantly.

Keep your mouth hygiene

One of the issues that people avoid sometimes is oral hygiene. Most doctors and dentists simply said oral hygiene is the most important contributing element for garlic or any other bad breath. So ask yourself how much you are concerned about your oral hygiene. To keep things simple, always brush at least twice a day and after any major meal if possible. Another thing you could use often to ensure your oral hygiene is washing mouth with mouth washer. Our mouth always produced plug and bacteria. Mouth washer contains an ingredient that helps to kill bacteria and plunge.

How to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Using Medications

One of the best over the counter medications you will find almost everywhere is mouth washer, yes it’s one kind of medicine that effectively kills and protects bacteria. When you have few times; brush your teeth again, and just simply use mouth washer to get rid of garlic breath.

Tips to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

  • Brush your teeth after having any major meal.
  • Make a habit of floss teeth.
  • Gargle your mouth with mouth washer often.
  • Cleaning tongue is a good idea because tongue can have bacteria. Use a tongue cleaner or toothbrush to do that.