How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast

how to get rid of hemorrhoidsIt’s often a nightmare to pass a typical day without discomforting and painful feeling for those who are suffering from hemorrhoids. From several ways I tried to select some of the best home remedies and treatment options to answer the question how to get rid of hemorrhoids. It’s better to use these proven home remedies before you go for medical prescription if you are initial stage. For long time sufferer; try some if you haven’t yet before going to medical observation. You can also use these during taking medicine.

How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Naturally

Apple cider vinegar mixture

You can use this remedy to have quick results and it also helps to improve the overall situation. Some people suggest adding extra honey, lemon and water to make it better. It will help to reduce swelling and irritating feeling. Use before taking a bath and wash off after a few minutes. Mix apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon in the same amount 3 tablespoons and let it dissolve in a few minutes. Then apply is to your affected area.


Ice is one of the best remedy for getting immediate results according to many people. It will help to redeem you from pain and itchy feeling instantly and will continue before melting. Ice your affected area for at least 10 minutes to get best results for swelling.

Sitz Bath

From ancient time sitz bath is considered as a great home remedy for itching and hemorrhoids. Adding some sea salt and extra oil like – essential, tea tree, lavender, Calendula infused oil will really boost the healing power in the highest degree. Use your bath tab or buy Sitz bath tab if you want to take it on a regular basis. Many people reported Epsom salt for quick and great result at home. Epsom salts contain magnesium that helps a lot in this case. This method is one of the popular ways to get rid of  hemorrhoids.

Ointment and cream

For getting immediate prevention at home; hemorrhoids ointment and cream are really important. Most of the ointment and cream contains ingredients that helps to compress anal muscle.  It is also really helpful to eliminate itchy feeling instantly.

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How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids with Treatments

If you are planning to go for medical observation, then it’s better to know something regarding your stage of hemorrhoids. Although you already know the situation from your symptoms, but doctors describe hemorrhoids in three to five stages or grade. This grade indicates normal to worse condition with increasing number of grades.

Two major types of treatment which involves doctor’s supervision; one is non surgical and other is surgical are available for hemorrhoids. If you are in higher grade which means critical condition; you may need to take surgical treatment.

Injection Sclerotherapy:

This treatment procedure involves with injecting to swell hemorrhoidal tissue.

Rubber band ligation:

A rubber band is used in this procedure to stop blood flow in hemorrhoid and gradually it becomes to fail. You may go through some session to accomplish this whole process.

Infrared photocoagulation:

A treatment using infrared photocoagulation for small internal hemorrhoids that actually burns it. You may also go through several sessions of treatment for this.

Hemorrhoidectomy [surgical]

The benefit of this surgical treatment is long term although you need to go through a painful and surgical process. Many doctors recommend to practice home remedies and change diet plan intensely instead of taking surgical treatment.