How To Get Rid Of Keloids: 12 Ways

how to get rid of keloids

There are all kinds of bumps, scars and scratches on the body that most people don’t even know exist. Interesting enough, there are enough names to describe these little afflictions but not enough on how to cure them and with some of these, you can’t. However, let it be known that there is something that a person can do to get temporary relief, but even that’s not enough, especially if the disease is something that is capable of staying around for a long time like Keloids for example. Now, there on numerous home remedies on how to get rid of Keloids for good and they are these:

12 Ways to Get Rid Of Keloids

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Because this gel as well as the Aloe Vera element which has curative properties is used on a wide range of scrapes and burns, its effective on Keloids. Once applied on the Keloids, it reduces the number as well as the appearance of Keloids and prevent more from forming where the previous ones disappeared. This is handy if a person wants that relief before going to bed at night so they can sleep through the night or just permanent relief throughout the day, this is a very effective remedy. Apply 2 times each day until the Keloids disappear forever.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

Known to be one of the most effective treatments for various skin diseases, this magical skin cure can clear up a person’s keloids as well. Since Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic properties, it automatically kills the disease at it root and keeps it from ever coming back. Rub some Tea Tree Oil on the keloids 2 times daily in order to make them disappear forever, doing this also prevents any part of the disease from reforming anew. There’s also a tea tree oil soap that is capable of having the same effect on keloids as the oil.

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3. Baking Soda

This curative agent is used commonly in home remedies but not that often, but if a person is looking to get rid of Keloids then this curative agent will definitely do the job. A person can feel the cure working if they make a paste out of the baking soda, once they do that then they should apply it on the Keloids to make them disappear. Since baking soda is capable of cutting dead skin off completely if applied right then applying it to get rid of the Keloids will work wonders. Apply it 4 times daily until the person sees the Keloids no more.

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4. Lavender Oil

This oil has powerful skin rejuvenation properties which are capable of destroying keloids and keep them from ever coming back, this is one of the most effective cures for keloids on earth. Apply to the affected area on the skin and massage the affected area so the keloids can absorb the oil, doing this at least 5 times or more a day until the keloid(s) clear up will make them shrink and eventually disappear. Do not skip even one day of using this oil or you could undo the healing process.

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5. Lemon Juice

An ever effective cure for many skin problems as well as other problems, this curative power liquid has antioxidant properties which makes it healthy for the skin and body. A person can get rid of Keloids by squeezing the lemon juice from the lemon, then massage their Keloids scar(s) with lemon juice in hand, doing this will decrease the appearance of the Keloids and make them disappear. After applying to the keloids the first day, the person will notice that the keloids are not as evident. Apply 2 times a day until they’re gone.

6. Aspirin

A product that can cure just about anything from a headache to some of the most serious forms of fever, it can indeed cure Keloids as well; what’s even greater about this curative product is that it can provide instant relief from this problematic disease. To get the full effect of the cure, a person has to grind at least 4 pills into a paste. Once they’ve done that then apply it to the keloids, doing this will not only clear them up but if a person applies olive oil to the keloids after the person’s back is dry then they’ll stand a better chance of making these things disappear once and for all. Apply every day to see results.

7. Onion Extract

Oddly enough, onion extract has been used for years in order to cure skin problems of every kind and it has never failed once. Onion Extract can cure keloids as well and prevent any future reappearance of this skin disease, a person will be able to sleep at night knowing that they don’t have to deal with this disease once its gone. Onion extract has powerful antimicrobial abilities which prevents skin blemishes from appearing, grind the onion until the juice is subtracted from the onion. Get a cloth and dab it in the onion juice and apply it to the keloids to make them disappear. Do this at least 3 times daily until the keloids disappear.

8. Honey

Generally, as sweet to eat as it is to touch, honey is a natural anti-fungal agent which is capable of healing the skin of any problem it is having. Applying honey on the Keloids over the span of 2 weeks or more will make the Keloids disappear once and for all. Honey is one of the most effective keloid cures in the world.

9. Garlic

A super food whose curative properties knows no bounds, garlic is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent that is not only healthy for the body but healthy for the body as well. Keloids are a bacterial skin disease and garlic is one of the most effective cures for it, all a person would have to do is to crush the garlic cloves then apply them to the skin. Let it sit idle for a little over 10 minutes, then cleanse the area, doing this daily will cause the person to see a dramatic difference in their skin; without the Keloids.

10. Mustard Oil

This oil is another effective cure for anything that is associated with the skin and because mustard oil is a powerful antifungal agent, it makes it the ideal cure all skin problems as well as diseases such as keloids. When a person sees a keloid on their skin, they can get some mustard oil, pour it on their skin zealously 3 times everyday. Doing this around the same time every day will not only clear up the keloid already present on the skin but will keep more from forming, it is advised to keep applying the mustard oil for the 3 weeks to see results.

11. Try not bothering it and ignoring it

Normally, when there’s a scar on a person’s skin, they will pick at it and eventually open it up; this not only slows down the healing process but reformation of the scar is practically immediate. The same can be said for keloids, if a person just leaves it alone and not bother it until it heals then there’s a good chance that they’ll eliminate the keloids by simply just ignoring it. Ultimately, its not easy to ignore something like a big bump(s) but if it’ll help the healing process then it is well advised.

12. Fuller’s Earth

Another common remedy for people to seek when they are having problems with their skin or irritations of the skin, this curative agent is a godsend when it comes to curing problems of the skin since it has the powerful magnesium chloride element in it which makes it the ideal cure for keloids. Combining this fuller’s earth with rosewater and lemon juice will turn it into a paste in which a person will put on the infected area(s) of the skin. Upon application, leave it on the skin for at least 12-14 minutes then rinse with water; cold recommended. Doing this daily will make the keloids scar disappear forever.

  • emelie

    does any of them work..?

    • toreal

      I just started Tea Tree oil 2 weeks ago. I see a little improvement. They are softer and smaller.

  • jandyl aurea

    i have this keloids about 25 yrs since my birth , my mother told me it was occur after my vaccination, i haved tried several session from dermatologist, the result is yes very effective way is through injection, but since i was working in the ship my session in my shoulder was not continued.. i will try after my contract here these 12 ways to cure keloids.. is there somebody to help and advice what more to do.. because of these keloids im shy to exposed my body particularly when we go to swimming time..