How to Get Rid of Lockjaw: 3 Efffective Ways

How to Get Rid of Lockjaw _Step 1The term “lockjaw’ may unfamiliar to you. But, remember, if you have suffered or seen anyone who has suffered from opening the mouth fully. This is called lockjaw informally or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder caused by the spasm of the jaw muscles. Lockjaw makes it difficult to open and close your mouth fully and to chew something easily. Do not worry.  So, let’s look at some easy steps and tips if you want to know how to get rid of lockjaw. These may really be helpful to reduce  your jaw disorder.

How to Get Rid of Lockjaw: DIY

Stretch Your Muscle

You can stretch your muscles regularly to get rid of lockjaw. It will balance your muscle joint and reduce lockjaw.

Warm Compress

You can apply a warm compress or an ice pack to the side of your face where it feels pain. Rub the place mildly. It will relieve you from pain.

Mind Your Foods

You should think about food habits to get rid of lockjaw. Remember that you are avoiding clenching of your jaw. So, follow the next point.

Cut Foods Into Small

You should cut the foods into smaller parts to avoid lockjaw. It will create less pressure when you eat something and relieve you from this stress.

How to Get Rid of Lockjaw: Pain Relief

You can take painkillers or paracetamol if you feel pain of lockjaw. But, if the aspirin does not work, you may take stronger painkillers.

In case of your medicine fails to reduce your pain, you then can take steroid injections into the jaw.

If all the above methods do not work, you may consult to doctor to get surgery into your joint. Damaged joint can be replaced and repaired.

How to Get Rid of Lockjaw: Physiotherapy

You can do some regular exercises to keep your jaw muscles supple. It is a very good strategy to keep your jaw free from any disorder. So, read the steps carefully to know how to get rid of lockjaw by using physiotherapy.

1. You can compress your jaw joint with ice or warm water. It will relieve you from the pain.

2. If you have acute pain, please minimize your speaking. It will reduce your stress on the muscles and relief you from pain.

3. If you feel the lockjaw is being affected by the stress, then you can take biofeedback and do mediation and relaxation.

Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Lockjaw

The following quick tips are always good to save you from lockjaw. You don’t need to swear to follow these tips. You can remember the following quick tips and  get rid of your lockjaw.

  1. Take soft foods
  2. Avoid sticky foods
  3. Avoid chewing gum
  4. Relaxing muscles
  5. Limit wide yawns and singing

Lockjaw is not so severe jaw disorder. You can easily get rid of by following the above mentioned steps. All the steps may not work for you. But, some of them can really get rid of the lockjaw.