How to Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Fast: 13 Effective Ways

how to get rid of vaginal odor

Vaginal odor can be embarrassing and challenging to get rid of, especially if you’re not sure of the cause. Changes in your hormone levels before or after your menstrual cycle, as well as pregnancy, can prompt your body to produce different levels and types of vaginal discharges that vary in odor. If you’ve changed any of your lifestyle habits lately, i.e. you’ve started working out more or have recently had a baby; it’s quite common for your vagina to respond to these changes by producing more discharge or emitting an odor that you’re not used to.

Fortunately, there are a few practical ways that you can eliminate vaginal odor. Many of the products you can use are affordable household products that you likely already have on hand. These items, in addition to a healthy diet, can help to improve the health of your vagina.

13 Ways to Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural and powerful antiseptic that gets rid of germs and bacteria quickly. Diluting the oil with some water and using it as a vaginal wash can take away the foul smell that sometimes comes with vaginal infections. It’s best to use a small amount of the tea tree oil and water solution to prevent irritation. Wash the vagina with this herbal treatment two or three times a day until the odor goes away and discharge disappears.

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2. Fenugreek

The herb fenugreek provides hormonal balance and women have used it for years to regulate their menstrual cycles. Regular consumption of fenugreek also helps to regulate other natural functions of the body. Consuming fenugreek in tea or supplement form can eliminate odor in the vagina. Fenugreek seeds steeped in water overnight also make an effective odor-destroying remedy. Powdered fenugreek can also be used as a seasoning for sweet and savory dishes.

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3. Lavender Oil

Essential oils like lavender are very beneficial for removing odors from the vagina and keeping them away. Lavender also has antibacterial properties that take away the germs and impurities in the vagina that may be causing itching and irritation. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with witch hazel and water and use this solution to thoroughly cleanse the vagina, especially after a bath or shower.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Getting rid of infection and toxins in the vagina is also very possible with apple cider vinegar. You can put a little apple cider vinegar and water on a cotton pad and clean the vagina with it daily to stop and prevent odor. Or, put a few capfuls of apple cider vinegar in your bathwater so that you can soak in the solution and get rid of vaginal infection.

5. Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is also very effective when it comes to taking away the unpleasant odor the vagina can sometimes emit. Baking soda has the natural ability to freshen and eliminate foul smells in the vagina but providing pH balance almost instantly. Mix a teaspoon or two of baking soda with water and drink a cup of the solution daily. Or, use baking soda and water to rinse the front of the vagina to keep this part of the body odor-free.

6. Cotton Underwear

If you have vaginal discharge often or have a condition that causing your discharge to have a strange or unpleasant odor to it (i.e. pregnancy, breastfeeding, irregular periods), remember that cotton underwear is best. Cotton gives your vagina the ability to “breathe” so that air will naturally ventilate the area. Warmth and moisture often make it easy for bacteria to form in the vagina, and wearing underwear made of cotton can eliminate this problem.

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7. Water

One of the most practical ways to get rid of vaginal odor is to drink plenty of water. Water naturally flushes toxins and impurities out of the body, and provides a moisture balance in the vagina. Try to drink between 8-10 glasses of high-quality water every day to keep your body from producing excess or foul smelling vaginal discharge. You can make the cleansing power of water even more effective by adding a fiber supplement to the water to prompt the body to eliminate impurities, or squeezing a little lime or lemon juice to your water to help cleanse the internal organs.

8. Garlic

Garlic has the natural ability to remove infection and viruses from the body. Eating fresh garlic in food on a daily basis can keep vaginal odors at bay and strengthen the immune system. Inserting a clove of garlic into the vagina, either alone or wrapped in cheesecloth, can also make the vagina infection-free. The garlic can be left in the vagina for hours at a time; rinse the vagina with warm water after removing the clove.

9. Citrus Fruit

Fruits in the citrus family like oranges and grapefruit help to take germs and toxins from the body and balance pH levels. Citrus fruits are also very high in vitamin C, which boosts the function of the immune system. The stronger the immune system is, the more capable it is about fighting off vaginal infections that can cause an unpleasant odor.

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10. Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics like lactobacillus and acidophilus, which help to balance the pH of the vagina. Eating plain, sugar-free yogurt daily can help to reduce vaginal odor and get rid of symptoms associated with with an unbalanced pH like vaginal itching and irritation. Adding fresh fruit or sugar-free granola to yogurt can also add fiber to this nutritious snack, which helps to remove impurities from the body and promote regularity; this can help to eliminate odor in the vagina as well.

11. Amla

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is an effective herbal remedy for vaginal odor and overall vaginal health. The herb purifies the blood, which makes it easier for the body to eliminate impurities. Amla also regulates the amount of discharge that the vagina emits and helps to prevent the discharge from having a foul smell. The herb can be consumed in powder or supplement form, and is more effective as a daily treatment.

12. Douche-Free Washing

If you’ve noticed that your vaginal discharge isn’t normal, you may be tempted to douche. However, a number of health professionals advise against this, as douching can upset the natural chemical balance of the vagina. While a douche may temporarily treat the problem of foul vaginal odor, it could cause more problems down the line. Instead of douching, rinse the vagina with warm water and a soap that is free of dyes and fragrances. Using a removable shower head to thoroughly rinse the vagina each time you bathe can make the area particularly fresh and healthy as well.

13. White Vinegar

Like apple cider vinegar, white vinegar helps to flush impurities from the vagina. White vinegar also has the ability to break down the proteins that cause odor, so using it as a rinse can immediately take away an unfavorable odor in the vagina. Adding a cup of the vinegar, along with a few tablespoons of sea salt to your bath water can easily enhance the health of the vagina and take away any strange smells. You can also mix the vinegar with warm water and use it as a vaginal rinse as part of your cleansing regimen.

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