How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

How to Stop Hair Loss Losing hair is natural but when it becomes an epidemic to you; you must consider it seriously before your scalp is open for all. Losing 100 hairs daily is natural for human according to WebMD but more than that actually indicate risk factor. Heredity, stress, damage hair or poor diets are the main causes of hair loss. In this article I will describe how to stop hair or lessen hair fall using home remedies.

How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Massage your scalp

One of the effective common remedies you will find on the internet is massaging scalp with any essential oil or simply by hand.  But the interesting thing is it’s been practiced from ancient time. It is suggested to do that after washing hair and do it regularly for 2 minutes. Don’t be rude to your scalp, take it easy and massage it gently. It helps to increase blood circulation through the hair follicles.

Applying hot oil

Coconut and extra virgin oil is the most effective way to stop hair loss at your home. Massage a small amount of warm oil 2-3 days a week right before taking bath or going to bed. It will not only help to increase blood circulation on scalp but reduce hair fall in remarkable amount.

Reduce stress

Stress is a major reason for hair loss and you have the full control of your hand. There are several methods you can reduce stress– one of the most effective ways is mediation daily. Besides it will improve your healthy lifestyle and let you live longer.

Keep a healthy diet

Poor diet is often blamed by beauty expert for hair loss for almost every age group and gender. There is no extraordinary diet for hair care, just make sure health natural diet. Eat adequate water and add vitamin E contains fruits and vegetation beside your daily protein consume list.

Watch out your hair style and product

As we use sun skin to protect our skin from UVA, we should also be careful about our hair to protect from heavy sunlight. Choose your hair product like shampoo, gel and conditioner wisely. In most cases you can lose your pretty hair by using wrong product or misusing them. Avoid hair style like buns or braids that can cause hair loss in the future.

Use herbal supplement

Many herbal ingredients help to promote hair gain and strength hair root as well as health. Aloe Vera extracts and garlic extracts are good example of herbal supplement that you can find any store. Vitamin supplements like vitamin E is tremendously helpful to ensure good hair health and stop hair loss.

Use green tea

One study suggests that green tea can improve hair growth and stop hair loss by making stronger hair and stimulating hair follicles. Green tea also contains antioxidants that can contribute to hair health as well as slowing the aging process. Take one tea bag and with warm water, apply this dilute for 30 minutes before taking a shower and shampoo it.

How to Stop Hair Loss with Treatments

For severed condition, it’s best to see a dermatologist . There are some commonly used treatment options like Rogaine, Propecia, Hair transplantation, Skin lifts and Scalp reduction to stop hair loss or gain new hair.